Data Entry Services
Here are some of the data entry services that we can provide:

  • Data entry from product catalogs to web based systems
  • Data entry from hard/soft copy to any database format
  • Data entry from images
  • Online order entry and follow up
  • Data mining and warehousing
  • Indexing of vouchers and documents
  • E-book and e-magazine publications on the internet
  • Hospital records, patient notes and accident reports
Document Conversion Services
Here are some formats we work with:
  1. Books to HTML, XML, XHTML, searchable PDF and MS Word
  2. Paper Documents/scanned images to MS Word
  3. Scanning and conversion of paper documents
  4. Book Conversion
  5. Scanned paper reports/images to Electronic Format
Data Processing Services
Some of specific projects and services that we can provide:
  • Entering Product descriptions from hard copy catalogues to online client web based system.
  • Form Conversion from paper to electronic format
  • Converting data from PDF files to excel.
  • Scanning paper documents and converting them to the electronic format.
  • Data Extraction from a variety of sources with or without extraction software
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